I'm Mirko Rovere

Developer and podcaster

I started studying programming and I immediately got passionate about the Linux and open-source world. But I felt that I had to say something more to the world, I wanted to bring my message since I also love talking, so, in November 2020, i opened my philosophical podcast "StupidaMente"



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Start hig school

An IT school is the first place where you really learn to code, so what are the best things I've learned?

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StupidaMente Podcast foundationt

When someone hears your voice, it is incredibly personal. They can hear your excitement, your emotion. It can be difficult to convey those things with written words. When someone listens to your voice while exercising at the gym, or driving their car for example, it is the closest thing to having you right there next to them and having a conversation. As your audience listens to more of your episodes, they begin to develop a connection to you. People will begin to like you not just for the content that you share, but for your specific communication style.

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StupidaMente podcast elected as one of the emerging podcasts of 2020

On June 12, StupidaMente podcast is elected as one of the emerging podcasts of 2020 with more than ten thousand plays in 7 months!

Start stage

on June 28, 2021 I started the internship at takorabo.com

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171st on Apple Podcast Italy

On August 16, 2021 StupidaMente moved to 171st position on Apple podcast Italy, in the Society and Culture category


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My goal?
Have fun


A full featured Python text editor


"fatti non foste per viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e conoscienza"

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